Fortech Automotive Inc.


Sale, installation, rotation of tires at Fortech Automotive. We can also advise you on mags and high-performance tires.

Purchase of new tires

Ask us for advice on the purchase of your next tires. We will take into consideration several criteria such as:

  • Your vehicle;

  • Your driving habits;

  • The roads you drive on;

  • Your budget.

Tire installations

Let us take care of your tire installation. We are equipped to serve you well and are meticulous. Each tire will be inspected before installation.

Tire recommendation

We understand that Tires are an investment, we will recommend the best tire for a comfortable smooth ride, thus providing the least amount of resistance saving you on fuel in the process!

Joe’s favourite winter tire in 2022

Who knew that a ground walnut shell compound could grip the road so well in winter!

TOYO Observe GSi-6

From the Toyo website: 

The Observe GSi-6 is a studless performance winter tire for passenger cars, sports coupes and sedans, as well as CUVs and SUVs. It delivers superb traction, cornering, and braking performance in all winter conditions. A high-grip silica compound and an aggressive tread design with advanced sipe technology provide confident handling and capability in snowy, icy, wet, and dry conditions.”

More details here:

NAPA AUTOPRO – FORTECH AUTOMOTIVE INC. recommends a wheel alignment after the purchase of new tires. More details here.