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Where to buy your winter tires

Where to buy your winter tires

Do you need to get new winter tires for your car, but are wondering where you should buy them?

There are many answers to this question: online, in a big box store, at a tire dealer or at the garage that you entrust with the maintenance and repair of your vehicle.

For our part, we recommend the last option, which is the most logical choice, and the one that will give you peace of mind.




Here are the main reasons why you should come to us, your trusted garage, to purchase your winter tires:

1. We know exactly the type of tire that is best suited for your vehicle and the tire manufacturer’s requirements. For example, newer vehicles have technology that needs to be considered when choosing tires, such as wheel speed sensors. This will help you avoid purchasing errors that could be costly.

2. We will take your specific needs into consideration: urban traffic or frequently driving on country roads, mileage travelled, and tolerance to rolling noise. You and your family’s safety is a priority!

3. We will respect your budget. We understand that for many vehicle owners, purchasing winter tires isn’t always the most enjoyable way to spend their money. This is why we always offer tires that respect our customers’ budgets while ensuring their tires provide safety on the roads.

4. Buying and having your tires installed at our garage is also an excellent opportunity to have your seasonal maintenance done at the same time. All you have to do is specify it when you make your appointment. Think of all the time you will save!

5. We will ensure you take advantage of the current manufacturer discounts and promotions.

6. You are guaranteed that your new tires will be on-site at your appointment to have them installed.

7. You won’t need to transport your new tires, which means no risk of damaging your car's interior. In addition, we will take care of sending your old tires to be recycled.

Plan ahead and contact us today to benefit from our valuable advice for purchasing your next winter tires. While you are on the phone with us, why not make an appointment to have them installed: it’s never too early!