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7 Reasons to Choose Our NAPA AUTOPRO Auto Centre

7 Reasons to Choose Our NAPA AUTOPRO Auto Centre

Have you just purchased a new or used vehicle or want to extend the life of your current vehicle? Discover the Reasons to Trust Us for Your vehicle maintenance and repairs at our NAPA AUTOPRO Auto Service Centre. Our welcoming team treats you like family, regardless of your vehicle's type, brand, year, or condition.

1. The NAPA AUTOPRO Peace of Mind Limited Warranty*

This warranty is exclusive to NAPA AUTOPRO Auto Centres and gives you 24 months or 40,000 km of worry-free protection on eligible work or repairs, no matter where you travel in North America. For more information on the Peace of Mind Limited Warranty, click here.

2. The 10/400 Maintenance Guarantee

Our no-charge 10-year/400,000 km limited warranty covers the repair or replacement of major engine components and the transmission or transaxle when regular maintenance and repairs to your vehicle are done at a participating NAPA AUTOPRO location in Canada. For details about the 10/400 Maintenance Guarantee, visit our website.

3. Close to a NAPA Auto Parts Store

Our Auto Centre is serviced locally by a NAPA Auto Parts Store, part of a huge network of stores nationwide. The NAPA Auto Parts Store quickly gives us access to over 500,000 quality parts.

4. An Established Network Across Canada

By entrusting your vehicle to our mechanical Auto Centre, you get access to a vast network. The NAPA AUTOPRO network includes more than 600 service centres managed by local owners throughout the country. Are you travelling with your vehicle? You will have peace of mind with a network established in all provinces of Canada that provide the standards of NAPA AUTOPRO service quality.

5. Advantageous Seasonal Promotions

Throughout the year, NAPA AUTOPRO strives to create promotions that are adapted to your needs and the season so that it’s easy for you to take advantage of them. Ask us what promotions we have, or visit the Promotions section on the NAPA AUTOPRO website for more information.

6. Complete Seasonal Maintenance Offers

NAPA AUTOPRO considers car maintenance to be the best way to save you money and ensure your vehicle is safe and runs for a long time. The seasonal maintenance includes lubrication, oil change and filter change, tire swapping, verification of the start-up and charge systems, and a full multi-point visual inspection.

7. A Leader in Customer Satisfaction

The NAPA AUTOPRO banner is consistently at the top of the list of Auto Centres that provide the best customer service.

Visit our Mechanic section to learn about our services and make an appointment with us today. You will benefit from the advantages of an authorized NAPA AUTOPRO Auto Centre. We are a family committed to giving you the best service.